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Robert Kasody

Robert is a patent attorney specializing in advanced technology patent application drafting, trademark filings, trademark prosecution, and patent prosecution. The majority of his practice is focused on software, computer implemented methods, business methods and Internet innovations.  As an electrical engineer, Robert worked as part of TRW and Boeing intellectual property business groups assisting inventors and outside counsel draft, develop, and pursue inventions and conduct business related legal affairs. 

Before becoming a patent attorney, Robert worked as part of a high technology Research and Development (R&D) development group designing MMIC integrated circuits (MMICs) and has co-authored more than18 technical publications published in IEEE trade journals. 

RG Patent Consulting, LLC has  a team of Experts with the experience and knowledge and has been  recognized as the leading authority in processing Utility Patents, Design Patents, and Provisional Applications for Patents.

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Our firm is committed to providing comprehensive patent related services including, but not limited to,  customized patent searches, drafting of design and provisional and utility patent applications.  We also offer competitive patent portfolio analysis to help companies manage their domestic and global corporate intellectual property strategies and goals.

It is our goal to protect your competitive edge and ensure your financial success by offering quality, timely, competitively priced products and services to meet your budget.

Our Team

Bruce Lev

Bruce is a former USPTO Primary Examiner (1995-2005) that has been providing Patent Agent services for nearly 10 years.  His main areas of expertise are in the mechanical, medical devices, and the biological arts.  Bruce graduated from the University of Maryland in 1988 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on Robotics, Controls, & Automation Technology.

Rachel Gilboy

Rachel is a Registered Patent Agent and passed the US Patent Bar in 2007. She graduated in biomedical engineering from Arizona State University in 2006 with a focus on biomechanics. She started RG Patent Consulting, LLC in 2009 and has enjoyed helping inventors protect their intellectual property ever since.

RG Patent Consulting LLC is an intellectual property and consulting organization comprised of a wide range of people from very diverse backgrounds that was founded in 2009 to help both small inventors and large volume clients with their specific patent needs. We provide intellectual property assistance to independent inventors, designers, engineers and business owners as well as research and development teams.

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