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Infringement Search

Our Infringement Search identifies active patents and publications that may read on your invention. Prior to conducting the infringement search, we will work with you to identify the specific elements of the invention that should be considered for infringement.

Right to Use/Clearance Search

Our Right to Use/Clearance Search is a comprehensive search which identifies active and expired patents and published applications that may pose an infringement risk to the marketing of your inventive product or service.  This may include foreign as well as domestic patents and publications.

Landscape Search/State of the Art Search

Our Landscape Search will typically include all relevant patents, published applications, found within the related classes and sub-classes. Relevant patents as to the invention will be included. The search time and amount of cited patents will depend on the quantity of patents within the related classes and sub-classes and scope of the invention. Our state of the art search provides a representative collection of the latest technological patented advances within the field of interest.

When inventors do their own search, what they find tends to be pretty remote.  Even many patent search firms that use expensive commercial search engines get poor results because such online search engines still do not compare to searches done on the advanced EAST system at the USPTO.  Moreover, when you combine the USPTO search engine with the capabilities of our expert Patent Examiner searchers, we find you get search results that are very comparable to USPTO primary examiner searches. Unfortunately, many firms will outsource your invention and patent research work overseas (e.g., to India, or Asia) without you knowing it. This poses the risk of your idea being stolen by foreigners, leaving the you without any legal recourse.

the search process